Hockey Southland Calendar - 2018

Hockey Southland IMPORTANT DATES 2018 Draft

These are proposed dates at this stage and will be finalised before the pre-season briefing.


9th March Southland Wide Team Entries Due


6th April                U18 Trials Dunedin

8th April                U18 Trials Gore

15th April              U18 Trials Dunedin

6-8th April             Southland Wide Club Competition Start

20-22nd April        NO CLUB HOCKEY (Middle Weekend on school holidays)

26th April – Information about boys playing in SW women’s competitions must be received by Hockey Southland &                                       Competitions committee) ????


2nd May              SW Team Registration Forms must be to Hockey Southland and SWCC

27th May            Senior Men’s and Women’s Association Trials?? (QB tournaments then used as final trial for                                                            Southland teams??)


1st- 4th June         FINCH ROSE BOWL and IAN SMITH TOURNAMENTS     

                                NO CLUB HOCKEY (Queens Birthday Weekend)

                                                           5th – 12th June     Age Group Representative Trials Week

(Registrations will be open 1 month prior and all players MUST register online prior to the first trial.)

5th June -              Southland U15 Boys Trial # 1 5pm – 6:30pm (Invercargill Turf 2)

5th June -              Southland U15 Girls Trial # 1 5pm -6:30pm (Invercargill Turf 1)

5th June -              Southland U13 Boys (HATCH) Trial #1 5pm – 6:30pm (Gore)

7th June -              Southland U13 Boys (HATCH) Trial #2 5pm – 6:30pm (Invercargill)

7th June -              Southland U15 Girls Trial #2 5pm – 6:30pm (Gore)

12th June -           Southland U15 Boys Trial #2 5 – 6.30pm (Gore)

10th June              NHL Trials Dunedin (also Otago Seniors)

17th June              NHL Trials Dunedin (also Otago Seniors)


6-8 July                 End of Division 4 SW Competition ???

8-14th July         National U18 Tournament Regional                                   Dunedin

9-14th July         National U18 Association Women’s Tournament           Palmerston North

9-14th July         National U18 Association Men’s Tournament                  North Harbour


11th August –      Southland Wide Club Competition Semi-finals (Gore and Invercargill)

18th August -           Southland Wide Club Competition Finals Day (GORE)


3rd – 7th September                  Secondary School Tournament Week

3rd – 7th September                  Jenny Macdonald Cup Secondary School Girls Tournament                Gore

3rd – 7th September                  Audrey Timlin Memorial Secondary School Girls Tournament           Invercargill

15th – 23rd September              Ford National Hockey League                                                                      Wellington

16th – 22nd September             National Senior Tournament                                                                        Wellington


1st – 6th October                        National U15 Boys Premier Tournament                                                  Christchurch

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Girls Premier Tournament                                                  Hawkes Bay

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Boys Championship Tournament                                     Dunedin

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Girls Championship Tournament                                      Carterton

8th – 13th October                     National U13 Boys – HATCH                                                                          Nelson

8th – 13th October                     National U13 Girls - COLLIER                                                                        North Harbour


19th – 25th November - National Masters Tournament or March 2019