Hockey Southland Calendar - 2018

Hockey Southland IMPORTANT DATES 2018 


9th March Southland Wide Team Entries Due


6th April                U18 Trials Dunedin

8th April                U18 Trials Gore

15th April              U18 Trials Dunedin

6-8th April             Southland Wide Club Competition Start

20-22nd April        NO CLUB HOCKEY (Middle Weekend on school holidays)

26th April – Information about boys playing in SW women’s competitions must be received by Hockey Southland &                                       Competitions committee) ????


2nd May              SW Team Registration Forms must be to Hockey Southland and SWCC


1st- 4th June         FINCH ROSE BOWL and IAN SMITH TOURNAMENTS     

                                NO CLUB HOCKEY (Queens Birthday Weekend)

                                                           5th – 17th June     Age Group Representative Trials Week

(Registrations will be open 1 month prior and all players MUST register online prior to the first trial.)

5th June -              Southland U15 Boys Trial # 1        6:30pm - 8pm (Invercargill Turf 2)

12th June -           Southland U15 Boys Trial #2           5 – 6.30pm (Gore)

10th June -            Southland U15 Girls Trial # 1        3pm - 4.30pm (Gore)

17th June -            Southland U15 Girls Trial #2          1.30pm - 3pm (Invercargill 1)

10th June -            Southland U13 Boys (HATCH) Trial #1          1-3pm (Gore)

17th June -            Southland U13 Boys (HATCH) Trial #2          2.30pm - 4pm (Invercargill 2)

10th June              NHL Trials Dunedin (also Otago Seniors)

17th June              NHL Trials Dunedin (also Otago Seniors)


6-8 July                 End of Division 4 SW Competition ???

8-14th July         National U18 Tournament Regional                                   Dunedin

9-14th July         National U18 Association Women’s Tournament           Palmerston North

9-14th July         National U18 Association Men’s Tournament                  North Harbour


11th August –      Southland Wide Club Competition Semi-finals (Gore and Invercargill)

18th August -           Southland Wide Club Competition Finals Day (GORE)


3rd – 7th September                  Secondary School Tournament Week

3rd – 7th September                  Jenny Macdonald Cup Secondary School Girls Tournament                Gore

3rd – 7th September                  Audrey Timlin Memorial Secondary School Girls Tournament           Invercargill

15th – 23rd September              Ford National Hockey League                                                                      Wellington

16th – 22nd September             National Senior Tournament                                                                        Wellington


1st – 6th October                        National U15 Boys Premier Tournament                                                  Christchurch

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Girls Premier Tournament                                                  Hawkes Bay

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Boys Championship Tournament                                     Dunedin

1st – 6th October                        National U15 Girls Championship Tournament                                      Carterton

8th – 13th October                     National U13 Boys – HATCH                                                                          Nelson

8th – 13th October                     National U13 Girls - COLLIER                                                                        North Harbour


19th – 25th November - National Masters Tournament or March 2019