Hockey New Zealand Tournaments Calendar 2019

                 2019 DOMESTIC TOURNAMENTS –  DATES & VENUES



MARCH                  3rd- 9th                                                  National Masters Tournament                                            Hamilton

            MAY                    5th  -11th                                                   National Vantage U21 Tournament                                   North Harbour


           JUNE                   Queens Birthday                National Indians Tournament                                              Rotorua

            JULY                               TBC                                National University Tournament                                      TBC (South Island)

                            7th  – 13th                                               National Vantage U18 Regional Tournament                 Wellington

8th  – 13th                                               National U18 Men’s Association Tournament                 Pukekohe

8th  – 13th                                               National U18 Women’s Association                                  Timaru


         SEPT                 Secondary Schoolboy Tournaments

2nd - 7th                             Aon RankinCup & India Shield                                          Christchurch

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Mayhill Cup*                                                                 Northland

2nd– 6th                                                 Aon Founders Cup*                                                            Hawkes Bay

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Johnson Cup*                                                               Invercargill

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Olympic Stick *                                                              Pukekohe

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Woolaston Trophy *                                                 BOP - Rotorua

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Coaches Cup*                                                               Ashburton

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Galletly Cup* (2nd XI Tnmt)                                         Oamaru

                 Secondary Schoolgirl Tournaments


                                           2nd  – 7th                                                Aon Federation Cup & Marie Fry Trophy                          Auckland

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Chica Gilmer Trophy*                                              North Harbour

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Jenny Hair Cup*                                                     Palmerston North

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Audrey Timlin Memorial*                                              Timaru

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Kate Trolove Cup*                                                         Hamilton

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Eveline Hankers Memorial                                          Carterton

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Mary Clinton Cup*                                                       Wanganui

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Rosemary O’Brien Cup*                                                   Levin

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon South Island Tier 4 Secondary School                      West Coast

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Jenny McDonald Cup*                                                 Cromwell

                                           2nd  – 6th                                                Aon Chris Arthur Cup* (2nd XI Tnmt)                                Stratford

                                      Secondary School Mixed Tournaments

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon North Island Mixed Tournament*                           BOP - Taupo

2nd  – 6th                                                Aon South Island Mixed Tournament*                              Blenheim


14th  – 22nd                                             Ford NHL Tournament                                                          Tauranga

15th  – 21st                                             Ford National Association Tournament                            Tauranga



30th  – 5th                                               U15 Boys Premier Tournament                                          Northland

SEPTEMBER/           30th  – 5th                                               U15 Girls Premier Tournament                                            Dunedin

OCTOBER               30th  – 5th                                               U15 Boys Championship Tournament                              Wanganui

30th  – 5th                                               U15 Girls Championship Tournament                                 Nelson

7th  – 12th                                               U13 Boys Hatch Cup Tournament                              Palmerston North

7th  – 12th                                               U13 Girls Collier Trophy Tournament                              Wellington

                                        Labour Weekend                  National Maori Tournament                                              Gisborne

*The finishing date of these tournaments may be earlier than currently stated depending on the number of entries received.