Sunday Division 4 Draw

Southland Wide Competition Division 4 DRAW

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Day and Date Time Times                                                      Venue
Sunday 8th April  10am Southern vs Central Invercargill
  11am Collegiate vs Fiordland Invercargill  
  10am Eastern Green vs Eastern Red Gore  
  11am Eastern Royal vs Eastern Maroon Gore  
  12pm Eastern Blue vs Eastern Black Gore  
Sunday 15th April 10.30am Eastern Royal vs Eastern Blue Gore  
  11.30am  Eastern Green vs Eastern Maroon Gore
  10am Collegiate vs Eastern Red Invercargill  
  11am  Southern vs Eastern Black  Invercargill  
  12pm Fiordland vs Central  Invercargill  
School Holidays 14th - 29th April         
Sunday 29th April 10am  Eastern Red vs Central Gore  
  11am  Eastern Blue vs Southern Gore  
  12pm  Eastern Royal vs Eastern Green Gore  
  11am  Fiordland vs Eastern Black Invercargill 2  
  12pm Collegiate vs Eastern Maroon  Invercargill 1  
Sunday 6th May 12pm  Eastern Royal vs Southern  Gore   
  11am  Eastern Maroon vs Central   Gore   
  10am  Eastern Red vs Eastern Black  Gore   
  10.30am  Collegiate vs Eastern Green  Invercargill 2  
  11.30am  Fiordland vs Eastern Blue  Invercargill 1  
Sunday 13th May  10.30am  Collegiate vs Eastern Royal  Invercargill 1  
  11am  Central vs Eastern Green  Invercargill 2  
  12pm  Southern vs Fiordland  Invercargill 1  
  10.30am Eastern Black vs Eastern Maroon  Gore   
  11.30am  Eastern Blue vs Eastern Red  Gore   
Sunday 20th May  9.30am  Eastern Maroon vs Eastern Blue  Gore   
  10.30am  Eastern Red vs Southern  Gore   
  11.30am  Eastern Black vs Eastern Green  Gore   
  10.30am  Fiordland vs Eastern Royal  Invercargill 1  
  10.30am  Central vs Collegiate  Invercargill 2  
Sunday 27th May 9.30am  Eastern Blue vs Eastern Green  Gore   
Fiordland vs Eastern Red
Eastern Black vs Collegiate 
  10.30am Southern vs Eastern Maroon  Invercargill 1  
  11.30am  Central vs Eastern Royal Invercargill 2  
Queens Birthday 1st-4th June         
Sunday 10th June  12pm  Eastern Blue vs Collegiate  Gore   
  11am  Eastern Maroon vs Fiordland  Gore   
  10am  Eastern Royal vs Eastern Red  Gore   
  10.30am Central vs Eastern Black  Invercargill 2   
  10.30am Southern vs Eastern Green Invercargill 1   
Sunday 17th June 10am  Eastern Maroon vs Eastern Red  Gore  
  11am  Eastern Royal vs Eastern Black  Gore  
  12pm  Eastern Green vs Fiordland Gore  
  10.30am  Southern vs Collegiate  Invercargill 2  

11.30am Central vs Eastern Blue  Invercargill 1  
End of the Round         
Sunday 24th June 9.30am  Eastern Green vs Eastern Black (5 vs 6) Gore   
SW Semi-finals 10.30am  Eastern Red vs Eastern Blue (1 vs 4) Gore   
  11.30am  Eastern Royal vs Central  (2 vs 3)  Gore  
  12.30am  Eastern Maroon vs Invercargill Gold (7 vs 8) Gore   
  11am  Southern vs Fiordland (9 vs 10) Invercargill 2   
Sunday 1st July   Finals SW Div 4 Competition