Women's - Draws

Women's Draw 2018

Day and Date Time Teams Venue                  Umpires
Friday 13th April 8pm  Mataura Gold vs Riversdale Gore                         Liz McLean and Craig McKinnel
  8pm  Collegiate vs Speights Ale House Southern Invercargill Nathan White and Emma Currie 
School Holidays 14th - 29th April         
Friday 27th April  6.30pm  Collegiate vs Mataura Gold  Invercargill  
  6.30pm Riversdale vs Spieghts Ale House Southern Gore  
Friday 4th May  8pm  Speights Ale House Southern vs Mataura Gold Invercargill  
  8pm Riversdale vs Collegiate Gore  
Day and Date  Time Teams Venue Umpires
Saturday 7th April 1pm Southern Masters vs Eastern Black Invercargill Jacob Smith & Trudy Adamson
  1pm Mataura Maroon vs Riversdale Pinkies Gore Liz McLean & Marg Dickie 
  2.30pm Collegiate vs Central Invercargill Emma Currie & Brianna Hartley 
  2.30pm Eastern Red vs Southern Classics Gore Liz McLean & Karen Smithies
  bye Southern Cavs    
Saturday 14th April 1pm Southern Classics vs Central  Invercargill Jacob Smith and Naomi Hamilton 
  1pm Mataura Maroon vs Eastern Red Gore  Liz McLean and TBC 
  2.30pm Southern Masters vs Southern Cavs  Invercargill Bianna Hartley and Heather Guise
  2.30pm Riversdale Pinkies vs Eastern Black  Gore Liz McLean and TBC 
  bye Collegiate    
School Holidays 14th - 29th April         
Saturday 28th April  1pm  Southern Cavs vs Riversdale Pinkies Invercargill   
  1pm  Mataura Maroon vs Central  Gore  
  2.30pm  Collegiate vs Southern Classics Invercargill  
  2.30pm Eastern Black vs Eastern Red Gore  
  bye Southern Masters    


Inv 1
Inv 1
Inv 1 
Southern Cavs vs Calder Stewart Collegiate 
Southern Cavs vs Calder Stewart Collegiate