Hockey Turfs On-Line Calendar

The Hockey Turfs 

The ILT and Eastern Southland hockey turfs are in high use through many months in the year and ensuring that all users of the facilities have an equal opportunity the online turf book has been created. This will allow you to do the following...

1. See what bookings are currently in place

> What the start & finish time is

> Is it a half turf or a full turf booking

> What Turf the booking is on

2. Allow you to see what turfs are free for use

3. Allow you to search and see bookings from the past as well as months ahead

We ask that before you contact us asking if a certain time is available that you look at the online calendar. As the Calendar is web based it updates instantly when a booking is entered(You may need to refresh you calendar page)

Having this online facility will help ensure no double bookings are created and ensure all coaches can have a visual of what time is available for bookings.

Booking Process:

1. ALL bookings need to be in writing to either

2. ALL requests will be confirmed upon the booking being entered and locked in. 

3. Any Cancellations or booking changes will need to be also done in writing ASAP.

4. As there are multiple competitions that start and finish at different times your requested time may not be able to be a permanent booking as the following bookings get priority...

Priority Bookings:

>Southland Wide Club Competition

>Secondary School Competition

>Primary & Junior High Competition

>Southland Development Programmes

>Representative Trials




Hockey Turf Fees
Turf Fees Per Hour
Summer to 4pm (No Half Turf Rate) $25
Summer after 4pm $55
Winter to 4pm (No Half Turf Rate) $25
Winter after 4pm (Schools) $70
Winter after 4pm (all others) $80
School hockey exchange $40